Disconnect users from a WiFi network from Android

Are you sick of people connect to your WiFi network without warning and suck the connection? WiFi Kill is the solution to what you are looking for, although it can be a lethal weapon if you use it incorrectly.

Wi-Fi kill allows you to see, just like Fing, the people who are connected to your wireless network and take off the list to any of the connected computers. With just a few taps you will get full control of the network.

The tool is useful if you work on a public network and you don’t want to lose all the bandwidth (in an emergency), if you have the application (unless there are other types of blocks) you will decide with whom that network is shared but not it is a lawful use.

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It’s not okay to remove other computers from public networks but if you have a private network and there are computers connected ahead, kick them out of your network (look at the one in the image, it has happened to more than one). The program is available in 2 versions, one free and one Pro with some advantages. To make it work you need a terminal rooted with Android 4.0 or higher.

Here is the download link for WiFi Kill.

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