Discover how to create free professional birthday greetings

I have discovered a tool that has changed my life, both personally and professionally. It’s called Adobe Spark and it allows me create all kinds of designs that I can imagine in my head. But not only that, because this online application achieves professional results, without watermarks and without me having to spend a single penny.

Moreover, once in a while I have used this tool to create designs for social networks that I can then share however I want. But today I would like to talk about one of its best features, that of creating birthday greetings totally free. Don’t you like those classic party invitation cards that look like they were created by professionals? With what I am going to show you today you will get it without spending a single penny. In the following lines I explain how this marvel works.

How to create a birthday greeting without spending a single euro?

The first thing you will have to do is enter this website to create birthday greetings online. Once inside, you can create a totally free account and use both the Facebook and Google logins (I used the Google login because it was really comfortable for me to do it this way). When you have it, in the following lines you have the steps to follow, but the tool is so intuitive that you may not even need to see the guide.

  • Clicking on the website will take you to a next tab where you can choose the format of the post: square, Facebook, YouTube thumbnail, etc.
  • Then you will have to select a background for your publication, among the thousands available of great quality. You can use the search engine to find any image you have in mind (they are all very professional and of great quality).
  • Done this you will see the editor and it will be there where you can add images, add text, shapes, etc.

Choose templates in Adobe Spark

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Although, if you prefer, you can also choose another route that is even faster than the previous one. It involves going to the main page of the tool and choosing between one of the thousands of templates available to create greetings. In our case we have seen an interesting one and we have got down to work. In this image you can see some of the available ones but there are so many that you will get bored of searching. Simply choose the one you like the most, since then you can edit absolutely everything within the image. There are no limitations in the free version and you don’t even need to download the images with a watermark.

Already in the editor you will see that everything is very close at hand on the right side of the screen. You can resize the texts, customize the colors, choose different fonts, add shapes, change the image format, change the design, choose another template, etc. The possibilities are practically limitless and Spark has become a mandatory tool in my day to day life.

Create birthday greeting online

In this image you can see how the editor is and the good thing is that it works really well on my PC, without any kind of lag. Being an online version you do not need to install anything and it is also compatible with any operating system (both Windows and Mac OS X, Linux, Chromebooks, etc.). Undoubtedly, a great tool from the creators of well-known professional programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, although adapted so that anyone can use it and make a movie congratulations.

And yes, it’s not a joke, next January 24 my first project on the Internet turns 10 years old, Thanks for reading after so long!


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