Disputes in AliExpress – Procedure for Refunding your Money

AliExpress is a service where you can buy safely and sell your products on the platform, it acts as a mediator between a person who buys and one who sells when they negotiate for a product, it also offers follow-up to orders for the peace of mind of your businessmen.

When the commitment is made, the transaction of the merchandise is held by AliExpress, until both people comply with what has been agreed. If the acceptance is positive by the buyer, the money is released to the merchant. But if, on the contrary, there is disagreement from the client.

Disputes in AliExpress – Procedure to refund your money

You should know that your disagreement must be among some of the following reasons: that the product that I received does not correspond to the one you requested, it arrived damaged, never arrived or has been lost.

  • AliExpress will only allow to open or reopen the dispute option, once 60 days later when sending the merchandise to your country. In any case, on other occasions AliExpress will tell you directly from when you can make a dispute.
  • However, if you meet the stated reasons to open or reopen the dispute, then follow these tips:
  • Enter the AliExpress website from your internet browser
  • Go to the tab. where did you create your account, what does it say «my account».
  • A list will be displayed, within this list choose the one that says “my orders”.

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  • The page will show you the orders that you have pending delivery, you can see this in the section that says «Pending delivery», check here also the date that you have scheduled for the delivery of your product.
  • Now, if the delivery date of your product is about to end and you still do not see your name on the mailing list, you must first extend the delivery time for three weeks.
  • This step is mandatory before starting the dispute trial. To extend this date just click where it says «Open dispute» There it looks where it says: extend the term if you still do not receive your order, click on it (it is the second option), in the window that pops up, put the days corresponding to three weeks (21 days) and then you give it to confirm.
  • If after this extension time your name still does not appear on the mailing list, then on the 19th or 20th it is time to start or reopen the dispute in order to demand the refund of your capital. For it:
  • Access the AliExpress website, the section that says «open a dispute» in the merchandise where you have annoyance.
  • Selected, it will open a window where it will show you two options; opt for the option that says «Refund only», in order to have your capital reimbursed.
  • Later a simple form will open; that you must complete; first confirm that in the question that says «I want to request» appears the sentence only refund.
  • Later; in the question «You received the item» tick no.
  • Then choose from the list that appears, where they ask you «the reason for the refund» the first option that says «logistics tracking problems»
  • Then you will see the cost of your product already reflected, you leave it the same, since that part cannot be modified.
  • Now you must describe, in the next question the details of the request, simply write that the delivery period is over and you did not receive your order.
  • It is noteworthy that in the event that your claim is because the order arrived damaged; then you must attach, where it says «Load evidence», either photos or videos of the status of the merchandise.
  • Finally, the entire form is ready, click on submit, a window will appear that says that your dispute is in process. You must wait a period of 15 days for the person who sold you the merchandise to contact you.
  • He does not contact you or you do not reach an agreement, he raises the matter to a claim. To do this, enter your account, in orders, look for the merchandise with which you are in discussion, and click on «Escalate Dispute». Then AliExpress will take care of the situation and usually the customer almost always wins this judgment.

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What is the difference between a claim and a dispute?

There really is no difference between claim and dispute, as AliExpress does not make this distinction. In fact, on the platform only dispute option is found.

In any case, we could call a claim to communicate directly with the seller in case of not being happy with the product, while the dispute would already entail accessing the options provided by AliExpress. In fact, before opting for a dispute, it would not hurt to communicate directly with the seller, many times they will be willing to solve your problem.

How long do I have to open a dispute?

After waiting for the time indicated by AliExpress to open the dispute, the seller and the buyer they have five days to reach an agreement. In the event that such an agreement is not reached, the company will intervene directly to verify the case. Given this, both the buyer and the seller must provide evidence in order to resolve the problem.

In what situations can you open one?

You cannot open disputes at your leisure, in fact AliExpress establishes certain circumstances in which you can. The following are the main reasons to which you can open a dispute on AliExpress.

H3 Order not received

If you do not receive your order, you are fully entitled to request a refund or open a dispute. In any case, they may ask for proof that you did not receive the product.

H3 Damaged product

That the product arrives in bad condition is also a reason to open a dispute or demand a refund in AliExpress. Even so, there is the possibility that the seller will ask for proof that the product arrived in bad condition.

H3 Different product

If you receive a different product, you can also choose to dispute. In any case, as we mentioned before, there is also the possibility of request a partial refund. Partial refund is useful if even though the product is different it is still useful.

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In what period and where does AliExpress give me the capital refund?

Already accepted by AliExpress the dispute, it takes a approximate time between 10 and 20 days to make the reimbursement of your capital effective through the bank account that you used to make the payment movement of your merchandise.

How to reopen a closed dispute

AliExpress does not present the option to reopen a dispute. In this case, all that remains is to go to the company’s customer service center. In any case, if you want to contact AliExpress to resolve your case, it is essential that you have evidence that shows that you were harmed.

What kind of refund can I get?

Fortunately, AliExpress has two ways to get our money back in any eventuality. Specifically we have partial refund and full refund.

Partial refund

This type of refund will not give you the total paid, instead you will receive a previously established portion. Either way, it is easier for sellers to access this mode. For example, if you buy a blue item of clothing, but they sent you a purple item, you could make a request for a partial refund.

Understanding that you received a different but functional product, it would not be bad to opt for this type of modality. Perhaps the most important aspect that makes you consider this option is that with a partial refund you don’t have to worry about sending the product back. In other words, you can use this option, showing your dissatisfaction with the mistake, something that can also help the seller not to make the mistake again.

Full refund

As its name indicates, it refers to the full refund of the money you paid. In any case, keep in mind that if you want a full refund, the The seller is entitled to request that you return the product. At the same time, some sellers may not accept full refund, for which you may have to resort to a partial refund.

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In any case, AliExpress will help you get a full refund, in the event that you do not receive the product. Similarly, it is also relatively easy to get a full refund if you receive a product in poor condition.

What is the procedure to follow if it is not resolved in my favor?

If the dispute is closed and you were harmed, you will have to contact AliExpress directly. In any case, it is recommended accumulate relevant evidence for the company to verify that the seller’s resolution was not the most appropriate.

Given this, gather screenshots of the conversations, a photo of the product if they are in poor condition (when applied), evidence of the transactions, etc. It is really recommended that you gather as much evidence as possible to go to the company with solid foundations.

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