Distribute DTT over Wi-Fi at home

PCTV Systems have had a great idea, do the accessible DTT signal everyone with their system W-LANTV 50N.

The new pack consists of a DTT pencil, a adapter LAN and a access point Wireless to place the USB that receives the DTT signal. It also includes the TV Center 6, necessary to enjoy a good experience, recording functions and electronic program guide.


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The system allows watch television on any pc in the house even if we do not have good DTT coverage or lack of television outlets.

We will only need a signal Wifi.

Using it is simple, we have to place the access point in the place where we have good reception of the DTT signal, then we add the receiver and the system will take care of create and distribute a Wi-Fi channel by your home, to which you can connect by entering the previously assigned password.

The complete product costs 130 euros. You can get more information on the official website of the product.

via | Xataca


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