Do you want to download iMovie for Windows?

You probably know iMovie software but it doesn’t have an official alternative for PC and that’s why we are going to recommend you the best solution. Here you can download iMovie for Windows and the truth is that the Movavi program we love. It’s not the first time we’ve talked about it, but this program allows us to edit our videos easily.

Everybody knows the virtues of iMovie to create videos and the truth is that this is what the program that we recommend does. It is a program that can be downloaded for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or even for the new Windows 10. This is the most similar program to the original, Movavi Video Editor.

iMovie for Windows

What does this video editor have to make it the best we can download?

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Movavi is a program that allows us to edit videos with saved clips, it allows us to make image presentations, capture videos on the screen and even capture videos from the webcam, you choose which source you are going to use for your new creations.

  • Add effects to your videos: You can put all kinds of effects on your videos in addition to correcting or linking them. To make your video look like something out of another era, you can apply a retro effect, you can put a slow motion effect, a blur effect, etc.
  • Add music to your videos: Movavi offers you music and sounds in the software itself, multimedia that you can use without copyright problems. You can also create your own audios, add some that you have on your PC or edit them with its own editor that serves to perfect the sound in question.

Video Editor Windows

  • you will be a professional: With this software you can stabilize a video, adjust its color, focus, blur, crop, etc. You can apply transitions and everything you want. The reality is that the software is very intuitive and easy to use.

Once you have the result you can save it in the format you want, use the format you use, you can surely see it in VLC, one of the best players that exist. Do you think it’s not like having iMovie for PC? You should try it first, it’s amazing.


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