Does my Carrefour Young Club Card Number have to match the one on the app?

It is normal for consumers to return to the site that best suits the style of their purchases, such as Carrefour. These supermarkets grant a membership to the most frequent consumers, whose benefits are unmatched. However, sometimes there are doubts such as whether the number of the Carrefour Youth Club card with the App.

Find out more about it: What is the Carrefour Young Club card?

As an introduction, you should know that Carrefour supermarkets launched a special modality to incentivize their customers. Therefore, before knowing if the number on the Carrefour Youth Club card matches the one on the app, you must delve into the subject.

In this way, buy in one of their stores, as long as you know where there is a Carrefour Express or Traditional, it produces benefits. Such benefits are concentrated in the Carrefour Club, a membership that provides its most frequent clientele with various types of cards. Among them is the Carrefour Young Club card for people under 30 years of age.

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By obtaining the card, you will be entitled to different types of discounts and offers on selected products, available to be exchanged with the membership. Each card is unique and unrepeatable, assigned with priority to those who frequent and enjoy the Carrefour experience.

In addition, she is identified and distinguished by a specific number. It is for this reason that, at times, many users wonder if the number on the Club Joven Carrefour card matches that of the app.

Carrefour cards

Now that you know it, discover the best part of shopping with a Club Carrefour card!

The premise of the youth card is to support young adults during their development, protecting them under different offers. In the wake of a life that can sometimes be hard, Carrefour takes such trivialities into consideration, indulging the youngest with their own card.

The advantages of the Carrefour Club youth card, they do not differ greatly from other cards. The only difference is the one that has been mentioned, it is only available to those under 30 years of age. As a first benefit, there are discounts beyond supermarket products. In other words, the youth card provides promotions on trips with Carrefour, including the full reservation and accommodation at your hotel.

In addition to this, another of the most striking advantages are its great quarterly coupons. With them, it is possible to have a small but lucky discount on various marked foods. On the other hand, coupons also serve as an ideal alternative for discounts at gas stations, on basic services such as electricity. It is even redeemable in the acquisition of insurance for real estate or cars.

What you most expected, how do you know if the number on the Carrefour Club Joven card matches the one on the app?

To answer this alternative, first, you must have the mobile application and otherwise, simply download it. Now regarding know the number of the Carrefour card, There are a number of ways, but only this one will be explored.

carrefour young card

Why? The website and other means are more conducive to other actions as in the case of know the status of an order with Carrefour. With the session already started in the Carrefour application, press the option «Club» and a list with the cards will immediately be displayed.

In this case, to see if the number on the Club Joven Carrefour card matches the one on the app, all you have to do is compare the physical product with the digital one. Obviously, as expected, all the data must be similar, since if an error occurs, it is necessary to go to customer service to solve it.

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