Don’t expect to play GTA 6 for now, it won’t arrive until 2024

The famous game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) from Rockstar Games had its last version in 2013, and it seems that this trend is going to continue, since it has been leaked that GTA 6 will not arrive until 2024, according to information that has been filtered by the network.

And it is that this gangster game, which attracts millions of users worldwide, is a trend that continues to increase. People from all over the world closely follow the evolution of this installment. Jason Schreier, famous gaming commentator Bloomberg and that he is very correct in his opinions, ensures that the trend Rockstar Games will keep updating this game every ten years, and that we are even going to have to wait another year, until 2024.

The speculations behind that GTA 6 will not arrive until 2024

GTA 6 won't arrive until 2024 gang

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Another person with enough credit for his opinions worldwide is Tom Henderson, who assured in a YouTube video that the creator of GTA 6 don’t want to launch the game with errors, as has already happened with other deliveries due to being carried away by the anxiety of placing things on the market quickly.

It had been speculated that GTA 6 could be set in the eighties, but Henderson says no, that it is most likely that be set in modern times and that even the game is going to take place in the famous «Vice City», emulation of the city of Miami (United States). It is said that this world could be expanded as the game progresses, introducing features from other cities from past versions and adding new things.

What other things have been said about GTA 6

GTA 6 will not arrive until 2024 woman

There is also speculation that a female character who is tech savvy will be introduced. There is also talk that GTA 6 could introduce even more new protagonists to the plot, that the currency of the game is going to be a cryptocurrency, the addition of elements such as wingsuits that will serve to move through the air covering long distances, incredible new graphics (although this is obvious), among other things.

None of this is known with absolute certainty, nor can it even be assured that GTA 6 will not arrive until 2024. What is certain is that speculation and the manipulation of public anxieties is a marketing strategy, and that between now and 2024 the technology and the expertise of creators will continue to advance, so it may be that these advances help get GTA 6 out sooner. We have to wait to see what happens.


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