Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 free in Beta version

We are always happy to hear that our favorite shows are updated to new versions although sometimes these new versions are worse than the previous ones or implement novelties that nobody likes as in Windows 8.

But what we do like is that a payment program becomes gratuitous even for a few moments, as it is a good way to curb piracy a bit. Since yesterday, Photoshop Lightroom 5 from Adobe is available in Beta form. For Windows 7 (SP1) onwards and even Mac OS 10.7.

The new software includes some professional version features of PS as Smart Preview (edit images without connectivity to the administration file), Advanced Healing Brush (paint corrections in a simple way), Radial Filter (changes the levels of specific areas gradually) and the tool View Spots (which allows you to find and remove dust spots in images).

The bad thing about all this is that you can only use it Until June 30th, date on which you must buy it if you want to continue using the final version of the software. To download it, you just have to enter the following link and log in with an Adobe account that you can create completely free of charge.

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