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Adobe has launched Acrobat XI, in this way, along with its launch, its PDF reader hits the streets, Adobe Reader 11. This new update brings support for Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion, as well as adding cool touch features.

Adobe Acrobat XI is intended for a professional environment where it is often necessary to work with PDF, it costs $299. Therefore, if you are not someone who often works with PDF, you can use free alternatives that will get you out of trouble.

The free PDF reader enhances your tools to comment on documents, create notes, etc. and it is even noticeable that the filling in of forms and the signing of documents is simpler since the electronic signature is increasingly being promoted.

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This software has a reputation for being heavy and consuming a lot of resources, but Adobe has gotten its act together, especially in terms of its vulnerabilities, although it still has a long way to go. There are other much lighter alternatives to Adobe Reader.

In the online section, its services have been improved by allowing files to be easily converted to Office and the possibility of creating simpler forms has also been added. When you go to the download website, remember to uncheck the option to install McAfee if you don’t want any more junk on your PC.



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