Download and Activate Gmail Widgets – Android or iPhone

Gmail is one of the email services most used by most people, currently managed to surpass the email platform Email due to the fact that most Google applications request a Gmail account, in order to access as many functions as possible and also be able to improve user experience on the same platforms.

The Gmail application was developed by the Google company and after lasting more than five years in the “beta” phase, it could have its official launch on July 7, 2009, since its inception I manage to captivate a large number of people Due to its great design and efficiency in terms of sending messages through email, in addition in 2012 it managed to surpass platforms such as Outlook

Today Google offers the services of the Gmail platform for free, thus allowing anyone to create a Gmail account from any device.

However, there are several functions of the same platform that most people who use Gmail from their Smartphones do not know, and that is that there is the possibility of create shortcuts to some functions of the application itself in order to perform its tasks more efficiently, these shortcuts are known as Widgets.

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The Gmail app it did not have the function of adding a widget on the home screen, and it was not until its last update that you will be able to create an application widget that will function as a shortcut to the Gmail message tray, creating a small application window on our home screen.

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Add this Widget on our device it is an easy and simple task to perform, then we will show you how to add gmail widget easily to the start menu of your device.

Activate Gmail Widgets on Android

  • In order to add a Gmail widget to your Android device you will have to press and hold on the screen start until the more options menu appears
  • Select the Widgets option to access the list of Widgets available on your phone
  • Find the Gmail app widget
  • Hold down on it and drag it to the home section where you want to position it
  • And ready! you will have the Gmail widget available in the home section of your phone

Activate Gmail Widgets on iPhone

  • Add a widget on a device with iOS operating system It is just as simple as on an Android device, to start you will have to press and hold on an empty space on the device’s home screen until the applications move
  • Then you will have to select the option “add” which is in the upper left corner of the phone screen
  • Pressing on this option will show all the device’s widgets, select the Gmail application widget and then choose between the three available widget sizes and after that, press the add option to add it to the start
  • And ready! you will have the Gmail widget on your phone.

Gmail Widgets are very useful, since they offer very practical functions and options for users, these are available for Android and also for IOS and make it easy to use Gmail functions. Among the best Widgets we have:

  • Scan Google Drive: This function of Google Drive allows you to scan documents quickly and will help you save time, since you only need to have the Widget on your desktop and you will be able to access it quickly.
  • Month: is an application that you synchronize with the Google calendar and where you can make annotations and be aware of your activities.
  • Shazam: This application gives you Widgets if you need to know what song was playing and you don’t know what it is, with this widget on your desktop you will only have to unlock your mobile and access quickly and you will know that you are listening, it will save you a lot of time.
  • Google fit: They are available for both Android and iOS, although they have different designs, they offer similar functions that will help you meet objectives and goals in your physical or sports activities.

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Widgets are small tools capable of facilitate the performance of certain activities and at the same time they work as direct accesses to the functions of certain applications.

These widgets can be selected from the home screen of our phone, it should also be noted that these tools can be used both on devices with Android operating system as well as on phones that work with the iOS operating system.

Add the Widgets to the home screen

In order to add Widgets to our home screen we will have to press and hold on the home screen of our device to access the more options menu, after that we will have to select the Widgets option found at the bottom of the screen.

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By clicking on this option we will enter the list of Widgets enabled on our device and that we can use and add to the home screen, hold down the icon of the Widget you want to use and place it in any section of your home menu, and ¡ ready !, you can use the Widgets to perform certain tasks in a faster and more efficient way.

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