Download and Install Applications on Hisense Smart TV

Before it was only possible to observe a black and white image without any type of sound, but over the years, this has evolved in such a way that it becomes surprising, and much more surprising the ease with which it is used.

Smart TVs are designed to give us an excellent experience of entertainment. Well, in addition to providing us with excellent image and sound quality, it provides us with a large number of tools that we can really take advantage of, including the use of applications.

Well, it is well known that there are streaming applications that are perfect for these devices, but how do we download them on my Smart TV from the Hisense company? Here in look how it is done, we will provide you with a brief explanation.

What is the Hisense app store?

If you want to download applications for your Hisense TV, you must bear in mind that, unlike other Smart TVs, it does not have access to the Google Play store. Since these screens have another application catalog, in which you enter by searching for the word ‘Google’ or in other cases looking in the menu for the name of the TV model we have. In this section we can see a more or less large catalog of applications, although most are paid.

apple tv device 4k

How to install apps to my Hisense Smart TV

  1. The first thing you should do is turn on your Smart TV and press where it says “start”
  2. Then with the arrow buttons you should go to “smart hub“or in”Applications“and once there, you must press where it says”my apps “.
  3. Once this, you will have access to all the applications that are designed for your Smart TV, simply select the one you want to use.
  4. In the event that another type of application that does not appear in the above, you will only have to use the store.
  5. This is achieved using the remote control and pressing where twelve “Play Store“or”Google“.
  6. Once there, select the application you want, such as Netflix, then select where it says “download“or “to download“.
  7. Do not worry about the installation of it as this will be done completely automatically.
  8. It would only be necessary to enter the Netflix app, create an account, enter your personal data and use it without any problem.

How to put Google on my Hisense Smart TV

Through your Hisense Smart TV you can browse the internet through a generic browser, but if you want to have the Google Chrome application, in this article we explain how to get it. The first thing you should take into account is that you must have access to the Google storeTo be able to do this from this model, you will need the ‘Screen mirror’ app, which will project everything that is on the screen of your mobile device on the TV.

Once this application is installed, through our phone we can download all the applications we want and operate them from the Hisense Smart TV. We only have to go to the Play Store and install the browser or Google app of our choice.

hisense smart tv apps

Install applications on Smart TV via USB

A quite effective alternative to install applications on our Smart TV, is via USB with previously installed applicationsTo achieve this, you must follow the following steps:

The first thing you should do is look for a pendrive with enough memory, preferably that you only use to store the applications, then from your computer you must install the applications that you want to manage from your Smart TV, to proceed to send them to the USB connected to the computer.

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We proceed to insert the USB into the port of our Smart TV, we wait for it to recognize it, we enter the menu and select the connected device. Finally we go to the Smart TV applications section to verify that the apps have been installed correctly.

Update apps on a Hisense Smart TV

You must take into account that updating the applications of your Hisense Smart TV is not a process that you must carry out manually, this platform has a characteristic and that is that when an update is detected in the applications, these will automatically install on the TVIf the app has a problem, just uninstall and reinstall.

What if you don’t have the Play Store?

There are many cases, where the Hisense Smart TV models do not have this store for downloading applications, that is why here we teach you how to use the Play store on your hisense smart TV.

install apps on Hisense Smart TV

The first thing you should do is download a multiscreen, as is the case with Screen Mirror, both on your Smart TV and on your cell phone with which, as its name says, it will give you a mirror image of your smartphone screen to that of your Smart TV.

This application achieves this through a wireless connection, so the use of a Wi-Fi network connection is obviously mandatory. This application is for use on Android devices. A valid option for iOS devices would be to use the AirPlay2 app, with which you can basically do the same as its counterpart on Android.

Using this application is very easy, you just have to open it on your cell phone, connect to your Smart TV and immediately, everything you do on your cell phone will be reflected to see it on your Smart TV screen.

It is necessary to limit that in reality the applications that you use when you are in this app, they will be saved on your cell phone, and they can only be visible on the screen of your Smart TV, once you reconnect.

Why can’t I download HBO on my Hisense Smart tv?

The first thing you should know if your Smart TV has Android. In general, the operating systems developed by this company are not very compatible in themselves. But you can make use of other alternatives, among the most used is the Apple TV 4K.

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In many countries these devices are very accessible and luckily easy to install, which is done by reading the instruction manual, but to install and use HBO, you must follow the following.

  1. The first thing you should do is connect the Apple TV 4K to your Smart TV via HDMI cable.
  2. You run the device as the manual tells you.
  3. Once ready, you just have to access the Play Store and enter the original HBO application.
  4. You only need to download it by pressing where it says “to download“Do not worry about the installation because like most devices this will be done completely automatically.
  5. Now you just need to enter the application, enter your name and password and finally enjoy the great catalog of HBO movies and series.

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