Download and Install Google Play Services APK on Android

Google Services is an app, which part of the new Android already comes from the factory internally on the cell phone, so it is necessary that you know the android version of your mobile, in order for you to carry out the pertinent updates that appear constantly and give your mobile much more usefulness and optimize its different tasks.

This app runs secondary on your Android mobile and is in charge of keeping us informed, among other houses, of the recent versions of the systems and products that the apps provide.

In many cases the adjustments to the most recent versions of the apps are given automatically and gradually, that is why if you want to have the latest version instantly, you will find yourself in the need to do so by manually downloading the APK file, which is why we will guide you here How to download it? through some tips

When to use APK applications?

APK applications are called all those that are obtained outside the store of Google. In most cases it is recommended to download the Apps from the Play Store, but sometimes it is not possible.

In fact, some Chinese or old mobiles require downloading APKs since there are no versions for them and this is the reason to use APK applications. Either way, whether you download Google Services APK on your Android or any other App, be very careful when downloading it.

Basic Features of Google Play Services APK

Downloading Google Play Services APK can be quite a problem, mainly because there are different versions depending on the mobile. Therefore, it is advisable to know the basic characteristics of your mobile and the APK of Services that you want to download.

google services app

First, compare the version of your Android with the one required for the APK, in turn some APKs require knowing the processor model in order to be used correctly.

Download and install Google Play Services APK on my Android cell phone

If you are one of those clients who does not have this app on their mobile, do not worry, just do what we indicate here:

Enable, in your Android, the function “Unknown sources” is also known in other mobile devices with the name of “Unknown origins”. Now, from your Android cell phone enter setting, then security, choose where it says “Unknown sources”. You are now ready to download and install the app without using the Play store.

  • To download it, go to the APKMirror website from your mobile.
  • Then place in the search engine Google Play Services.
  • Choose the version of your preference, (newer or older) in our case we will choose the most recent.
  • Click inside it to lower it.
  • Wait i know download said app in APK documentIt will only take a few seconds.
  • Now to install it, look in the download folder for the APK app, proceed to open it.
  • Next, on the screen that emerges, you must confirm the action by clicking where it says “Install”.
  • Later you will see a pop-up window where they notify you that the app was installed.
  • It should be noted that this app runs on a secondary level, that is, you will not be able to view it as it is done with other apps.

How to update Google Play Services APK

Before we point out that the best way to download and install Google Play Services APK is using APKMirror, as it is a very secure platform. Similarly, if you want to update the application at some point, it is best that you also download the APK from that page.

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In any case, do not forget to make a backup of the APK that you used before, since there is a possibility that the version you download may not work well, before this, it is best to stay with the APK that works stably.

Problems using APK applications

APKs can be problematic and even more so if you want to download Google Play Services APK. In fact, It is one of the Apps that gives more problems when installing them in this way, but don’t worry, it’s a matter of testing.

google play services download apk

Even so, if you have problems after installing the Google Services APK, such as unexpected shutdowns or crashes, the best thing is that try downloading other versions until you find the right one for your mobile.

With Google Play, can I download Play Services APK?

If you are one of these customers who constantly ask yourself this question, we tell you that the reality is that it really is not possible to spontaneously download Services APK. More if it can allow you to make its adjustment to the most current version, if necessary, from the same official store.

Play Services features?

  • The most vital and worth mentioning are:
  • Check for newer versions for either system files or apps in order to update them.
  • Keep notifications from certain apps.
  • Another of its functions is that it provides the system with interconnections of other apps such as: Wallet, Drive, Maps, Ads, Cast, calendar. among other.

What would happen to my mobile Android if I delete google services?

There are always cell phone users on the market who are tempted to delete or permanently delete this app, since, they consider that it weighs a lot and occupies a large part of the memory of their cell phones, which makes it work much slower and hangs or blocks all the time.

However, despite the reasons you have, that motivate you to think about eliminating this app, you must think it very well, because on this app, the good performance of several of the applications of your phone, some of them are: Maps, notifications, calendar, etc.

There are several ways that the possibility that you can delete this app, but you are going to delete files that are essential for your cell phone system to function properly, so if you delete it you run the risk that your cell phone may present some kind of failure in its functions, which you will then have to solve with other tricks, something which is not advisable.

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In summary, this app largely depends on the good performance of many of the cell phone apps, so keeping it constantly updated to the most recent version will allow much more functionality to your cell phone, which is no longer a difficulty for you. Well, in this article we give you the tools to put your hands to work and download, install and update Google Play Services APK.

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In addition to installing Play Services, you can also install Google Play Store on a mobile of any brand, so that it does not pose any type of problem with your mobile and you can perform this tutorial without problem.

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