Download and install PSP emulator on PC

Many are those who have wanted to have in their hands the sony laptop (now comes the dilemma, which of the 2?), I mean the PSP and not to the Playstation Vita, we still do not have an emulator available for this. Today many already have a PC at home powerful enough to emulate PSP games.

If you are one of those who do not have a PSP and just want to play a game that you have found really interesting, you can opt for download JPCP, a PSP emulator developed in Java It supports most Sony games and can be run on most platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac).

Using this emulator is very simple, we go to the JPCSP website and We download the version that corresponds to our operating system (you can choose 32 and 64 bits). Once we have downloaded the file we need to have JavaJRE on our PC, on this link you will download Java JRE manually (choose the version that best suits you).

Once you have these two necessary things, unzip the emulator, run it and select a game (you can copy them in the umdimages folder). There are more emulators but I think this is one of the simplest and one that works best. Cheer up to taste it Even if it’s just to experiment.

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