Download and Install the APK Beauty & Filter Camera ‘B612’ Free – Latest Version

The daily use of telephones seems to be one of the evils of today, but there is no denying that this electronic device is one of the best tools that can be had on hand thanks to its multiple functions, and has even reached outperform computers in terms of basic needs such as communication, document editing, sending files and connecting to the internet.

Thousands of people around the world use the mobile device as if it were an extension of himself and the truth is that the creators of these phones make them with that intention.

In addition, its multiple functions not only serve to make you the most comfortable life to its users, but also provides them with the necessary resources to fulfill their work or hobbies, while with other devices it is not possible.

There are those who use it as their own business center through WhatsApp and connect with customers; Others use applications to edit videos and mount them on their YouTube channel to earn money, as well as, there are people who promote their stores (physical or online) through social networks, and there are those who have photography as their profession. .

One of the best apps that has proven to be excellent in the area of ​​photography aside from Picsart is called Beauty & Filter Camera ‘B612’. Could this be the application you were looking for so much to have the best filters for your photographs and if your screen looks dark you can solve it.

What is Beauty & Filter Camera ‘B612’ and what is it for?

B612 is an application that is designed to enhance photos and videos. Thanks to its large number of filters, the aptly named “Selfies” They will look much more artistic, beautiful and professional, at least enough so that you can see what you are trying to express with a simple photograph.

filters b612

This application is used a lot by teenagers nowadays to improve their photos and videos, and upload them to Instagram, but at the same time other people use it to improve their Web content artistic or tourist.

Among its characteristics, highlights the possibility to create your own filters, being able to share them with your friends. These filters are easy to create and are easily completed with a few simple taps.

Too, allows to apply filters in real time, improving the captures of your camera; in turn, take photos with clarity and excellent sharpness anytime or anywhere with “high resolution” and “night mode”.

It also supports video recording and post-editing, with more than 500 types of music. Even allows to place stickers and decoration texts or personalized stickers.

If you are a person interested in photography professional level, and you want to start practicing; this app could be of great help. Since there are many ways to be able to use the front camera and make the photos look even better, and even to be able to take full body photos where the filter helps to improve your appearance even more.

How to download and install the latest APK version of Beauty & Filter Camera ‘B612’

For many it is no longer a secret that the more Android technology advances, it is increasingly difficult to maintain the same cell phone, this is because the system they have must be renewed, but in some cases it reaches the point where the phone is already very old, therefore many of the applications that have to be used regularly they are no longer available.

b612 application

This happens because companies are increasingly improving their mobile devicesTherefore, they cannot focus on continuing to improve the old version system.

If in your case you can no longer install certain applications, either because your phone does not have the Android version required according to the Play Store, or just because you cannot install it in a common way, the best thing you can do is download the APK file.

The phone will ask you for authorization to perform the download and in many cases it may even ask you to make a configuration on the phone so that it can download files through the Google Chrome browser. Therefore, once this configuration has been made, the file will start to download automatically.

In a few simple steps we will explain how to download this useful tool to help you capture moments in a more beautiful and professional way:

  • Go to the Play Store and click on search for app, typing B612.
  • After you give it a search, the application will automatically appear; click on install and wait a few minutes for the circle that appears in the upper right to complete.
  • Once it is downloaded, click open (green button) and you must accept the terms of use and privacy policy. Clicking on the “allow” button when requested by the application configuration, and voila! You can start enjoying this great application.

app b612

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How to use the filters of Beauty & Filter Camera ‘B612’.

The filters They are used to change the appearance of an image or video, therein lies its intense demand, being one of the most requested and used features in this application.

Using it is very simple, it has the facility of simply sliding the screen of your mobile horizontally and you will have more than 30 types of filters on hand; each with different characteristics, chosen at random.

Another way to choose a filter can be to press the filter icon located at the bottom of your mobile screen; press it and go through each of the options that will appear on the screen, It would no longer be random, but you would be the one who chooses it.

As you select the filter, you can see it on the screen as a preview of your image with the filter applied, observing how the final result would be with the filter.

Adjust Brightness

The brightness / contrast adjustment aims, enhance the tonal range of an image, or adapt it to the taste of each user of the application.

If you want to increase the tonal values ​​and that the image lighting is expanded swipe right horizontally. On the contrary, if you want to decrease the values ​​and expand the shadows, slide to the left.

use b612 camera

Edit in Beauty Mode

This setting allows you to define or change features to your liking in just seconds.

B612 offers the facility to change them quickly. To use it, you can do it in two ways, the first is using the shortcut “beauty” located on the left side of the screen.

The second way, is by pressing the “Edit” icon, located at the bottom of the screen. Once pressed, continue pressing “Edit +”, where you can choose the photo you want to change and pressing the “Beauty” icon.

Then you must press the “reshape” icon, thereby opening a range of various characteristic specific characteristics; be it the eyes, chin, cheeks, nose … and slide to the right or left, being able to maximize or minimize, according to your taste.

Make Collages

Make collages allows you to offer a great variety of images in a single, great way to capture several important moments around a single moment. B612 offers this great and popular option, having the possibility to train them in real time.

You must touch the option to change the image size at the top of the screen and go sliding to the right; this way all the available collage options will be revealed.

Take High Resolution Photos

It’s simple, it all depends on whether your phone’s storage and camera allow it. This application it allows you save the photos in HD, which means a considerable increase of 600kb per photo at 2 or 3 MB.

If possible, go to settings through the Menu Icon and activate the High Resolution option.

Download and Use Stickers

After the filters, stickers are one of the most requested on this platform. To make use of these, just touch the face icon and a number of different options will be displayed in sizes and shapes. To download them, you just have to click on the stickers you want and wait for the download to complete.

There is the possibility of creating e include some kind of animated characters with the stikers that are Augmented Reality; although these functions are only available on some devices.

Add Music to Videos

B612 offers a wide repertoire of music that you can choose according to your taste. To activate this option, swipe left until you reach the Music option and then click on the music bar to select the song of your choice.

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Once selected, adjust the video speed taking into account that 3x is faster while 0.3x is slower and then press the button to record.

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