Download Ares Mod, the improved Ares

I’ve never used Ares on a regular basis, I have just tried it a few times on the recommendation of friends but I have never liked it.

When someone asked me for advice on which P2P program they should use to download, I would recommend that they opt for torrents and leave Ares behind, but they justified themselves by telling me that it was a very easy-to-use and very simple program, something that BitTorrent did not do.

Now, if they asked me for an alternative, it was for a reason because the Ares connection seems to work quite poorly for many people, with quite slow connections and connection problems in some cases.

Well, for them I recommended Ares Mod, a program that allows you to download all kinds of files but with the odd improvement over the original ares:

  • Integrated chat.
  • New search engine.
  • Visualization of exclusive statistics.
  • Quality control for incomplete downloads.
  • Torrent file download support.
  • Lots of fonts.
  • Compatible with Firewall.

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It is a highly recommended program for those who are looking for a program that improves on the original Ares but does not lose its simplicity. Download Ares Mod from here.


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