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Since I started using AVG (more than anything because I wanted a free antivirus that will solve my problems and not bother me too much) I have recommended it to everyone who has asked me for an antivirus (Unless it is in special cases and uses different from that of a normal user ).

As every year AVG launches a new version and in September 2013 we already have the version available. AVG 2014 which can be purchased at free version or paid (with more protection and more additions that a normal user does not need).

At the moment it is an early version (not beta) and it seems that it is giving serial number problems the version AVG 2014 FREE. If this happens to you, it is best to reinstall AVG 2013 and wait for them to solve the problem. At a glance the interface is very similar. Among the novelties I have observed the option to destroy content (in the recycle bin) with AVG.

At first glance I haven’t seen many changes. To download the software you just have to enter the following link and the download will start automatically:

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