Download complete Wikipedia in Spanish for free

For a long time, everyone had Encarta on their PC to be able to consult all kinds of doubts and especially, young people, to do work at home without having Internet at home.

Later, he switched to using the Wikipedia (online) since many people began to have a connection everywhere, unfortunately, not everyone has the Internet today (if the vast majority but not all). Wikipedia Foundation has realized this and released a copy to read all articles offline in Spanish and occupies 9.6 GB.

The quality of the articles is excellent and better than any commercial encyclopedia. Even if you have an Internet connection, you may need to use it in those places where there is no connection (the street, a plane, work, etc.).

You can easily download the copy through this Torrent. They can also be downloaded Wiktionary Y Wikisource. In the Zim files download they will not bring images (If not, the download would weigh more than 100 GB) but if math tables and special graphics of vital importance will be available in the article. You will download a files OpenZIM that you can open in several readers but the most popular is Kiwix, in addition to gratuitous and multiplatform.

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