Download evasi0n 7, the iOS 7 jailbreak

Manzana releases a new version of iOS every so often and its seventh version has not gotten rid of the classic JailbreakNo matter how hard they try, it always ends up with a quick solution to bypass Apple’s restrictions.

In my humble opinion I think that Apple does not want to eliminate the jailbreak (if it had not done so) why also interested so that many people do not switch to Android because iOS is too closed a system.

This time it was the famous group Evad3rs in charge of launching its version of Jailbreak for devices with iOS 7 (from version 7.0 to version 7.0.4) with its tool for Windows and OS X.

This version is Untethered (You will have to apply the hack every time you restart or turn off the device so you will not always have jailbreak on your device if you do not want to). At the moment Cydia is not adapted to iOS 7 and some functions do not work correctly. If you want more information or download the tool, you just have to enter evasi0n 7.

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