Download games for Ubuntu

UPGRADE: all this is in the past, if you want games for Ubuntu click here. We explain how it is done, with an updated tutorial since it is now much easier than before.

Download games for Ubuntu

The different Linux distros are characterized by their security and the multitude of tools it offers, now with the new Ubuntu distro it is trying to move to this system or investigate similar distros. Some of the most important are Ubuntu Y Debian.


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More and more users are changing due to its features, but many people also need to entertain themselves a little, not only wine Y play on debt (based on wine) are the preferred tools for install windows games on linux, but there is also some other channel of games for the operating system itself without having to resort to any other software.

PlayDeb is an application where you will find files .deb that open with a simple click in Ubuntu Y debbian, To use it you just have to install PlayDeb Package.

You can also install this package from repositories:

Add this:

deb lucid-getdeb games

And then in your terminal install it:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

When you have installed this you will only have to visit the Playdeb site find the game and click install., you will find all kinds of genres.

In addition, these are detailed with some other Explanation and in most cases with extra videos.


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