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A mobile is very useful to surf the Internet, for this a connection to Internet (either a flat fee or Wi-Fi) is a must. But… don’t we need anything else? A good web browser It is more than necessary, if you have a mobile that does not have Android or WP, surely you can install in the file Java. Normally mobiles have their own browser but it is usually quite bad (I say this because of SE Aino) and they do not usually allow connections with secure encryption.
Opera Mini

To do this, you have to use an external one and if we focus on Java applications, there are very few browsers that are up to the task. Opera Mini is the ideal mobile browser (compatible with most phones on the market and smartphones).

Opera Mini is ideal because it also supports the capacity tactile of the screen as well as being Quick, for having its own proxy that adapt websites for mobile Y reduce data load by 70% (minimum) similar to what Opera Turbo does, and sure. If you are still not sure, you can try on the web a simulator of the browser in which you can explore its interface and browse the Internet. Access the SIMULATOR HERE.

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If you have taken this step and you are totally convinced, all you have to do is enter with your mobile and you will have the version that corresponds to you. If instead you want download it directly in java do it from here:



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