Download LimeWire Pirate Edition, resurrect even more powerful

It hasn’t even been a week yet LimeWire closed its doors because of the law and the network has already risen stronger than ever.

A group of users modified the code of the latest version (5.6 beta) and developed an even more powerful and free one, baptized with the name LimeWire Pirate Edition.


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You can now download the version (for Windows Y Linux) and among the improvements we find the elimination of dependencies with the company’s servers, they removed advertising and added the features of LimeWirePro completely free (faster download, antivirus and search engine improvements).

It is clear that ending the P2P it is difficult and every time they close a door another more powerful one opens and this time it will be difficult to detect since it is distributed freely between peers of the Gnutella network.

way| Torrent Freak


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