Download Metro 2033 free (legal)

THQ is behaving very well. After offering The Humble THQ Bundle until today (the offer will end shortly) which consists of getting a pack of really interesting games starting at $1 (among them Darksiders, Company of Heroes, Red Faction and if we put more than 5 .37$ will also give us Saints Row The Third and two more titles) has decided to give away Subway 2033.

To get Metro 2033 for PC for free, you only need to enter this link and click on I like it. In a few seconds they will send you the download code. To be able to enjoy the game it is only necessary to have a Steam account and validate the key in it.

After redeeming the code you can play it and it is an FPS with impressive graphic power that takes us to a desolate and post-apocalyptic world. Its sequel, Metro Last Light, will be released in 2013.

I have encouraged myself to make a small gameplay of the game (where I play the prologue), you can see it here:

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