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you may be looking for the revelation app of the moment but you should know that it is not a game but MSQRD, an application that helps us to take the best selfies to date. MSQRD uses a very advanced technology that allows us to change our face and put on that of another person or an animal. The truth is that if you like Snapchat-style filters, you will love this application.

The truth is that it is very interesting to see how I put on the face of a monkey, a tiger or I change my face for that of a great like Freddie Mercury, it is very funny and the truth is that everyone is liking it very much. As for its name, do not be fooled, it is the simplification of Masquerade (mask). Downloading MSQRD is very easy.


MSQRD, the funniest app

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The best thing about MSQRD is not only that it allows you to change the face with a filter but that it is able to detect your facial movements and incorporate them into the applied filter. The truth is that face tracking is very good and if you have a monkey face you can close your eyes, open your mouth, stick out your tongue, open your eyelids wide, etc. It is very, very funny. You can get in the face of some greats and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

When you download MSQRD you will only have to put your face in the center of the circle (approximately) and the application will apply the filter you choose as soon as you click it. By default, the application captures video, although on the right side you have a camera icon and, when you click on it, you can take photos directly. Once we have made our selfie or video-selfie we can share it directly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other app.

MSQRD is available for all iOS and Android users (for the latter platform in beta) and can be downloaded very easily from the official stores. If you like it and want to try it, all you have to do is search for the app and download it, cheer up


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