Download Play Store 5.12.9 .APK

There are few applications as useful and necessary as the Google Play Store. Those who do not have the Google store installed because they have purchased a chinese mobile They have a terrible time in the first moments when they come to think, for a while, that you will not be able to enjoy the advantages of having the Google store.

If what you want is to download the Play Store, you just have to pay attention, because getting hold of the Android application store is very simple. In some cases it is enough to install the .APK but when you do not have Google services they must be installed before and that method is different depending on the smartphone, you just have to search on Google and you will find the way to do it.

New version Google Play Store

You can now download the latest version of the Google Play Store

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As from time to time, Google Play Store has just been updated to version 5.12.9 which fix some bugs Regarding version 5.10.30 that was released a few days ago, in fact a new update was not expected for a few days but for performance improvements it is recommended to update as soon as possible. In addition to correcting bugs, some interesting things have also been added:

  • Possibility to make gifts from Google Play.
  • A familiar library for some Google accounts.
  • Support for NFC cards (a pity for mobiles that do not have it).
  • Error correction.
  • Stability and performance improvements that affected the previous version.

If you like to be up to date and have the latest updates, the best thing is that download the latest update of Google Play Store 5.12.9 totally free and safely from the following link.

You can now download Play Store 5.12.9 APK, remember that this version is 100% signed by Google, so it is completely reliable to install on your smartphone without problems. The file has not been altered in any way. Remember that you have to enable the box to install .apk from unknown sources. Have you already downloaded the new version?


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