Download stable and reliable playstation 2 emulator

Some say that the Playstation 2 It is more than dead and there are those who already miss one Playstation 4. But the truth is that surely if you are reading this you totally disagree.

There are epic games and very good that have only been released for Playstation 2 and if you want to play them today I bring you the definitive solution.

For the first time, the ps2 emulator, PCSX2 arrives at your stable version 1.0. In this way, you can emulate efficiently Sony’s console hardware to enjoy its games on a PC (it’s a bit late to its stable version, 12 years after launch console official).

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In addition to being able to emulate the console, you will be able to get better graphics than the console itself with the large number of filters that you can apply, even playing at resolutions Full HD.

it totally gratuitous and compatible with Windows, Linux Y Mac. is completely in Spanish.



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