Download TeamViewer 6 (Beta)

TeamViewer is my favorite show to provide remote access to anyone who needs it, I have been using it for many years and I have always been fascinated by its simplicity.

Today it is one of the best and most popular thanks to its ease of installation Y use.

It allows you control a computer remotely and to transfer files with AES encryption without the need to open any port for its operation.

The time has come to renew, for now TeamViewer 6 is in phase Beta but it already works perfectly in Windows 7, Vista, Xp, NT, etc.

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The new version comes with small improvements To flower of skin:

  • Improvements in QuickSupport: Clients will be able to connect in an easier and faster way.
  • New module individualized host: You can adapt it to your needs, with your own logo and colors.
  • New module QuickJoin for presentations: Provides the ability to email the session data of multiple users, allowing them to connect to the host and making it perfect for online meetings.
  • Additional functionalities of improvements and optimizations related to the ease of use of the program such as a performance improvement, easier handling, automatic reconnection, more languages ​​and more security.


You can try it without problem, if you control missiles by remote control or matters of that nature perhaps you should refrain from the update until its final phase.


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