Download the APK of Super Mario Run for Android

Where to download the APK of Super Mario Run for Android? Yes, that is the question that, as of December 15, all users who want to play Super Mario Run on Android. And yes, I have the answer, although I will be very clear, there is only one safe place to do it and, for now, it may not be available yet.

Super Mario Run for Android It is confirmed, do not worry. Now, you should know that these days many people will try to take advantage of you and will encourage you to download the APK of Super Mario Run but that APK could be infected. That is why here I am going to recommend a safe website to download the APK of Super Mario Run. In fact, if you enter and it is not there yet, the web will notify you with a poster of coming soon and as soon as it is available there it will come out, virus-free and fully revised (I guarantee it).

Super Mario Run APK

Super Mario Run for Android is a lot of fun

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Super Mario Run is the first Android game made exclusively by Nintendo, unlike Pokémon Go in which Nintendo only had a small piece of the cake. Nintendo has the most famous plumber of all time somewhat standing still and that Super Mario reaches mobile phones is impressive.

The best thing is that Super Mario Run for Android can be downloaded free in 2017 And before it comes out on Google Play, the game will be filtered through the APK which you can download from here: Download Super Mario Run APK. Yes, there will be the only site that we are going to trust to download it.

Super Mario Run for Android belongs to the endless runner genre and that means that the character will run only on the map and with small keystrokes we will be able to make him pick up objects, kill bugs, go backwards or do everything that Super Mario or any of the characters of the game since we can play with Mario, Luigi, Toad Y Yoshi.

And, as easy as it may seem, it’s not going to be at all. For now, its creators have said that it was safer to launch it before for iPhone and iPad due to the large amount of piracy that exists in Android but if it’s free, we don’t really know what the problem is. Do you like Super Mario Run? Have you been able to try it already?


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