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You can undoubtedly have a good time with the best free games for Android phones without internet, but sometimes you feel like playing with other people. Therefore, today we will talk about how to download and install the App on Android.

Those who live in stationary countries know very well what “snow battles” are, is exactly this, but with a great touch of originality. In this fun game you face other users in fierce snowball fights.

In addition to the other users, it is important to watch out for bears and other dangers. Undoubtedly the most fun of the video game is its status as a multiplayer title. It is a game where you can show your skills with other players.

Where and how to play

There is something very important that you should know Snowfight is no longer available for any device, But fortunately, there is an excellent alternative that you might like a lot, we refer to is an alternative to the classic, in fact, its gameplay is somewhat similar, although instead of throwing tiny snowballs, the character will collect large amounts of snow with the purpose of having a huge snowball.

snowball io game play store

You will use this great snowball to knock down the other players from the stage, in the purest Super Smash Bros. style. It is a very entertaining game, especially to play with friends, for this reason, below, we show you how you can download and play this fun title for your Android mobile.

  • The first thing is to download from the Play Store. After this you can start the game to start playing.
  • Once you have started the game, you will need to provide your nickname. To do this, write it in the section “Nickname“And click on”To accept”.
  • When you have provided a name, click on “Start“To start playing, but the best thing is that you learn how to play before you start.

Game rules

  • The game has its own tutorial, so you shouldn’t have a problem playing. In fact, it is a very easy game to master. To play you will use your fingers, which will allow you to move throughout the game.
  • Remember, the goal of the video game is knock down the rest of the players on the stage. To do this, your snowball will need to be bigger. You can use the ball to smash the rest as you move, but you can also throw it.
  • To throw the snowball, simply stop touching the screen.
  • As you eliminate the rest of the players, your character will grow, which will make it easier for you to get the rest of the players off the stage.
  • Finally, be very careful, because as the game progresses, the stage will get smaller. Do not fall! The last one who survives wins.

Every time you play you will get aesthetic improvements to customize your character. To use these improvements simply go to pulled apartSkins”Found in the game’s main menu. There you can switch between your different skins and select the color.

If the game runs slow, you can enter the options and lower quality. Simply click on the button “QualityTo make the change. You will also have the option of vibration, in case you want to activate or deactivate it.


The .io games have become very famous in recent years, they are simple video games that can often be played through a browser or cell phone. The most interesting thing about these titles is that you can play very quickly and most of the time they are multiplayer.

snowball io game

Possibly the most famous is, an evolution of the funny snake game, but there are many titles. Anyway, you can download and install and many other games with these characteristics such as

In turn, the world of mobile video games has grown a lot, in fact, there are excellent fighting games and other categories for your mobile, but is one of the most fun and light.

Download and install for Android

As we mentioned is no longer available, but for download your Snowball alternative you will have to search for it from the Play Store. Just open the application and look for it in the main bar, you will see it in one of the first options. Then you will have to give it a touch and look for the install button. Once this is done, the download will begin and you will have to wait for the process to finish automatically. APK

The APK for this application is easily searched through the browser of your cell phone. At first we will have to open our browser and look for the name of the application followed by the APK file extension.

This will result in a series of web pages that will offer us the app. It is important that search the Uptodown website, it offers several APKs that are totally safe. Once inside we will only have to click on download and wait for it to finish. Finally we will have to open the file from the downloads and follow the installation steps.

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