Download the official GTA 5 manual for free for Windows, Mac and iOS

In addition to releasing GTA 5 worldwide the September, 17th, Rockstar has prepared a couple of totally free game props that can be purchased now, you will have the links at the end of the article and they will help improve your gaming experience.

The first support is the iFruit app (Only compatible with iOS, coming to Android soon). The application connects directly with two things:

  • Los Santos Customs – It will allow you to tune your car from anywhere (the beach, the bathroom, a free time). It will wait for you in the garage the next time you log in.
  • Chop (The Dog) – It will allow you to teach your dog a lot of things that, without the application, will cost you much more. You will be able to train your Rottweiler to the maximum.

The second is the manual. A 100 page guide which is available digitally and brings together all kinds of aspects of the game (controls, brands, stores, etc.). Everything you need to know about Los Santos and Blaine County.

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To download I leave you the links below:

All information is official and has been taken from Rockstar.

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