Download themes for WhatsApp (Android and iOS)

WhatsApp It has become essential, so much so that some users pull their hair out and cry with rage when they see that the platform is not working or has problems sending some messages.

In my case WhatsApp has become a good communication tool and that allows me to save money. In addition, with it it is possible to establish a conversation with almost anyone, since everyone (at least in Spain) has it.


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If you are tired of its theme, there are certain options that allow you to customize the program’s interface and completely change it with one of the themes that I recommend.

I was happy to discover that you can do it on both Android and iOS, check it out.

WhatsApp Themes for iOS

  • iMessage Skin for WhatsApp – Provides a look and feel of the official Apple app for WhatsApp (no jailbreak needed).
  • TweetBot – A very simple theme. The problem is that this today is no longer available.
  • Redesing – Reminds me of the Xbox Live look, simple green boxes that make it somewhat Xbox-like.
  • whatsapp plus – It is the most customizable of all. To use it you have to first uninstall official WhatsApp and install WhatsApp Plus. You will find this version on the Internet, and it will come in handy if you want to change everything. Besides that, there are many mods too but you will need to jailbreak.

WhatsApp Themes for Android

  • whatsapp plus – Offers thousands of different styles. It allows you to completely change the appearance of WhatsApp and you can find the APK of this app on the Internet, as well as many extra mods.

All the themes they are totally free and they can be used once the APK has been downloaded and installed on Android or the app on iPhone.


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