Download uMark, program to apply watermarks

One of the biggest problems with the Internet is how easy it is to appropriate content. There is not much that can be done to this fact and the dilemma of what is stealing or not content is something very confusing that almost nobody knows how to answer with certainty.

Still, for the net neutrality The best thing is that these types of things continue to exist, although the excessive ones should be controlled a bit. In addition to stealing content, it is very normal to see how your own images are stolen without specifying the source from which they come, and one of the best ways to protect images is by using watermarks.


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This option is very useful for photographers, bloggers with specific tutorials, etc. There are hundreds of programs to make watermarks, but the truth is that there are not many free ones. As the best in this field is the classic Adobe Lightroom but this being paid although you can try the beta of its latest version for free for a few months.

Now, as far as cheap software is concerned, one of the most recommended is uMark. This app allows you to mark images in batches of up to 50 images with a single click. To do so, simply select the photos, the Watermark (watermark) and apply the action.

It is a very useful tool that is only available in English but using this type of software is not complicated at all thanks to its intuitive interface. It works perfectly on Windows. The paid version costs about 30 dollars. You can download uMark from the official website.

If you want something for more sporadic use a while ago I commented something about a service that can be used online and that is very useful to apply a watermark from time to time. You have all the information here.


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