Download Wifislax 4.3

If you are a fan of WiFi audits, you will be interested to know that Wifislax is already in the version 4.3 and brings you major improvements with respect to previous deliveries. For over half a year, we’ve been working very hard to build on Slackware 14 and its ability to fully modulate the desktop.

In this version we will find KDE 4 (desktop environment by default) although we have as an alternative Xfce and Openbox (for PCs with lower performance). In addition to this, we have a double kernel that allows you to start the distro with a normal x86 kernel or with a PAE version for x86 computers with more than 4GB of RAM (the latter very interesting for cracking with the help of the GPU).

But perhaps the great secret is the Slackware xzm modules that will allow integrating all kinds of tools and solutions (pentesting, maltego, metasploit, set, etc., all downloadable from SeguridadWireless).

If you are looking for the distro image, I’ll leave it here:

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