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Windows Essentials 2012 is the new name that Redmond has given to the latest version of the most widespread communication suite of microsoft.

It’s been a couple of days available for download and it includes the programs Messenger, sky drive (which replaces Windows Live Mesh), Email, Writer, photogallery, Movie Maker, Child protection Y Outlook Connector Pack (in the version for W8 Neither Skydrive nor Child Protection is included, I imagine it will be because it will come as standard). This version supports W7 Y W8 exclusively.

These software have different functions that we all already know but…What improves and what changes in this new version of MSN 2012? I have tested it for a short time but the changes are quite subtle at the same time that scarce compared to the 2011 version.

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Neither Messenger nor Mail have many changes (it’s hard to know if you’re still on the previous version) but I think it was a wise decision because MSN is more than dead, this time they seem to have centered much more in the versions of photogallery Y Movie Maker that if they have been retouched to expand their possibilities, we can upload publications to Vimeo from both.

In the version of the Windows Photo Gallery we appreciate:

  • Automatic collage, which merges 7 to 50 images in a composition and works like a charm.

In the version of Movie Maker we already have more changes:

  • Video stabilizer (available only on W8).
  • Access to royalty free music.
  • Visualization of the wave of the sound tracks.
  • New audio track for narrations.
  • Contour effects on texts.
  • Recording in H.264 format by default.

Enjoy this version, you can download it two ways:



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