E-series electric scooters, the most sought after this Black Friday

We know that moving around the city is something that is getting faster and faster. With the arrival of the electric scooters Everyone studies this mobility solution as one of the best and the E-Series electric scooters are one of those brands that is being sought a lot. Buying an electric scooter is not the most important thing, since the price of them also prevails.

Currently, the E-Series brand has managed to sell more than 25,000 scooters this year, 2018, with an exponential increase in recent months. Below we give you more information about this firm.

What is an E-Series scooter?

E series scooters

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These scooters, the E-Series, have become the best-selling electric scooters through platforms such as Amazon and other online stores. Well, if you go to a specialist in electric scooters, they will even recommend one of these. They are very affordable electric scooters for users who do not need high technologies but something solvent and economical. People who buy an E-Series do not compromise on quality, as these scooters are equipped with a good motor and a guaranteed battery.

All the motors of the E-Series scooters are next-generation brushless and lithium batteries achieve high performance. There are some versions on the E-Series that get autonomies of about 60 km with 20,000 mAh batteries.

More information about the E-Series

These scooters, in the same way that Mercadona works with other brands, do not show their true manufacturers. Well, the manufacturers of these scooters could not make such aggressive offers with their own brand. Thanks to this we have low prices but high-quality manufacturers behind these white label scooters.


We find vehicles of all kinds:

  • Airboards for children.
  • Electric scooters for adults.
  • Scooters in the shape of a motorcycle.
  • Scooters with seat.

There is a wide variety of vehicles and the best-selling models lately have been the Citycoco and the Caigees.


Why buy an E-Series and where?

The main advantage of getting an E-Series is that we will have a good price and high quality, with 5 year warranty and spare parts for all products. Currently these scooters can only be found on Amazon, Tecnocio and Myscoot. The latter is a specialized store located in Barcelona, ​​one of the most important cities in terms of mobility. Now that Black Friday is coming, it is a good time to get one.

If you are interested, here are the prices of the E-series

  • Electric scooter – CampingPro E-series € 796
  • Electric Tricycle – Drift E-series € 290
  • Electric Scooter – Caigees 2019 E-series € 2,200
  • Electric Scooter – Citycoco E-Series € 1450
  • Electric motorcycle – Citycoco Caigees E-series € 1990
  • Electric scooter – Revolution E-series € 917
  • Electric scooter – Revolution PRO E-series € 1107
  • Electric scooter – Urban E-series € 623.50


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