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kalture it is a platform on-line with which you can manage and to create your own videos individually or in a group. It’s in English and it has been online for years, but it is still an interesting tool for that.

You will need a director who will take the initiative from work, some collaborators upload their own shorts and together they will edit the film in a easy. It has a simple and an advanced video editor (both quite simple no otherworldly possibilities).

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kalture offers numerous tools for publishers in addition to the following offers:

  • 10GB hosting and streaming.
  • Total Access to the management console.
  • Go up videos, images and video files.
  • Manage your content.
  • Insert video players on any web.
  • design Y personalize your players.

You will be able to integrate the content created in your cms preferred with a plugin, is available for wordpress, Joomla, Drupal…

In this video you have a brief presentation from service.

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