Emulate Mac OS X and iOS on Linux with Darling

Wine allows us emulate Windows applications in Linux but the following emulator does not allow emulating Microsoft’s operating system but rather that of Mac OS X directly on Linux. In this case we are not talking about such a refined solution but Darling is starting off on the right foot.

Darling is an open part of the Apple system and thanks to it they have managed to emulate this layer on Linux but the job that is behind this emulator is very great.


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The members of the project are clear that Apple does not offer much documentation and the large number of missing APIs have made them suffer in this long development. Most Mac applications are based on 32-bit environments and to port them to 64-bit environments You will have to work very hard and it could take years to find the result.

The project is on the right track and it already allows emulating some Apple applications within Linux but it will also allow executing iOS apps. A project that should have sufficient support so as not to disappear into anonymity. If you want to see how Darling is doing, try it here.


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