F-22 Raptor, The most advanced combat aircraft on the planet

Just a week ago two Lockheed Martin / Boeing arrived in Chile F-22 Raptor, the most advanced fighter aircraft to date. Don’t worry, they went in peace, they only came to perform demos at FIDAE (International Air and Space Fair) 2010.

The F-22 Raptor it is the only fighter plane of 5th generation which is currently in service. The F-22 maintains the most advanced artillery that an airplane can have in the air. It is specially designed for direct air clashesHowever, it can also attack by land and is capable of executing signal intelligence services and carrying out electromagnetic attacks.

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Its concept was approved in Pizarrón in 1986 (his first name was YF-22). Since that year they have been involved in expenses about 65 billion dollars. With these they have designed, developed and manufactured 145 aircraft like this. Each specimen costs more than 340 million dollars, a price similar to the Airbus A380.

If you can think of what to do to the neighbor with this thing and you have money, you won’t be able to buy it since North American laws do not allow its sale outside gringo territory. So, even if you are president and you have the arms race you have two options, buy a fourth generation plane or convince the members of the program Join Strike Fighter (countries like USA, UK, Holland…) so they can sell you one Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II (variant of the F-22 that will enter the game in 2012).

I leave you two sample videos, the first with «Max» that turns on the Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 engines pot (about 10 minutes) .

the second some rhode island air show samples which lasts about 4 minutes.



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