Facebook Analytics will disappear, how will the statistics be consulted now?

Facebook Analytics, the tool integrated into Facebook pages to follow your audience, a data-generating bible for everyone who works with social networks and digital marketing, has an expiration date. It will be available until June 30, 2021. The million dollar question is, if Facebook Analytics will disappear, how will the statistics be consulted now?

This tool helps you see everything that users do within Facebook in relation to your pages. And all this is going to end, unfortunately.

Facebook Analytics will disappear. Now what do I do?

There are several solutions. the people of facebook invites you to use the tool up to the date that will be available and extract and download all the information from it you need to know your Facebook audience and the results. And in addition to that, it offers you the following alternatives:

Facebook Business Suite, the obvious replacement

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Although when you start using Facebook and Instagram to set up digital marketing campaigns you do not have to use Facebook Business Suite, Suite also has statistics reports and treatment of audiences, content and ads. The Facebook Business Suite Ads & Events Manager is very comprehensive, full of tips and immediate help to get you the most out of the tool. You can open and explore it by clicking here. Remember that it will only work if you have your business well configured.

facebook analytics will disappear

Another Free Facebook Tool to View Ads

Since you are in the world of marketing, it is recommended that you follow the trends on this topic, since there are other tools that Facebook does not promote directly. For example, inside the Facebook Business Suite you find the «ad library», which gives you information on current announcements and trends. It is excellent and very useful. If you want to see it you can enter here.

facebook analytics will disappear library

One of the characteristics that distinguishes social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, even in their most specialized tools, it’s how friendly they are to use, they have many ways to guide you to use them properly. And here we want to make the following distinction: Facebook Analytics is not the friendliest, in fact it is a bit complicated at first. If you already use Facebook Analytics, it’s easy to start exploring and using Facebook Business Suite and its tools.

Facebook Analytics will disappear. And whatever the reason, it’s not that users are left without it but that they will have to monitor it in another way. Also, it seems that the new CreatorStudio It will be there so you can have a (slightly less accurate) view of what you could already see in Facebook Analytics. These leading social media corporations know what they are doing and you will continue to have many benefits in the purchase of traffic within Facebook and in the administration of your campaigns, although in an increasingly professional way.


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