Facebook Business: How to Create an Account Quick and Easy

Today, we live in a time which is governed by the economic freedom of the people. This is because more than ever, companies have begun to diversify, and each person can create their own business and emerge economically, in order to profit and improve their quality of life, it is true, money makes everything easier.

Many, many people are completely tired of working all week for a large company give them a salary that cannot be compared to the amount of work that applies to work.

That is why people are creating their own businesses and companies. If you are a person who is just beginning his stage of economic independenceIt is of great importance that you know about the best ideas to do entrepreneurships for young people.

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Business economic aspects govern from all countries. Those countries that have important companies, which have a presence all over the world, are the countries that are on the good spectrum in economic matters. This is because these large companies have followed very specific plans, which allow them to stay focused on a special goal. Therein lies the importance of knowing what a business plan is and what it is for.

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For example, between times of the pandemic, people who previously had stable jobs have lost them. Thanks to this, a very high supply and demand for food by delivery type service has been created. Many people start here, and you can be one of them. It is of great importance that today’s youth have enough knowledge to start a fast food delivery business.

What is the use of Facebook Business?

Facebook Business Manager is a tool created in 2014 that is used to manage Fan Pages and create campaigns advertising for these, it is very useful for companies and marketing agencies. It has a centralized control panel that allows you to analyze the impact of your campaigns and analyze the best strategy to follow.

Facebook is a multinational company incredibly immense, whose operations span the entire globe. This was made very easy for him because Facebook is a digital company, which is responsible for running the largest Social Network in history, which has the same name. This company was created by Mark Zuckerberg in the United States, and it quickly generated him a great deal of money in profit due to the great popularity of the network.

As well as other digital companies such as Google, which is responsible for providing several other services in addition to its main, Facebook has always sought how to expand your business model to other markets, in order to take advantage of the money supply.

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Why should I use Facebook Business to manage my fan page?

Facebook created its Facebook For Business division a few years ago, and they have proven their worth in being a useful application for people looking for new ways to run their businesses. This system allows you to link your Instagram account and WhatsApp, so that you can easily and quickly access all the company’s social networks.

When you create a Facebook Business Manager account, you access a few advantages that are had on the normal accounts of Facebook. This is very important, because when it comes to conducting business, security and privacy are essential.

Thinking about this, one of the main characteristics of the service is that the administrator profile remains hidden from all workers of the company unless the account manager accepted the requests of these, so that they can access the profile.

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Procedure to create an account on Facebook Business

This is extremely easy, as Facebook tries to make this tool is available to the largest number of people possible. That is why FBM will not require any extra expenses, any additional data and also ensures the security of your company and your privacy.

To begin, you must have a Facebook account, and if not, you must create one. Once you have access to your account, you must access the official website of the service to start your registration.

You will be able to see a button that gives you the option to create an account. In this case, you must provide the email to which you have your Facebook account associated. Also, you will be asked for some information such as the location and purpose of the business. Once you fill in all the data, you click «Send». This will make your Facebook account have Business Manager skills enabled.

How can I enter the configuration portal in Facebook Business Manager

If you already have an account, just go to business.facebook.com/overview

If you don’t have an account, follow these steps:

  • Go to business.facebook.com/overview.
  • Click on Create account.
  • Assign a name for the business, your name and your work email.
  • Enter your business details.

And voila, with this you will be in the Commercial manager where all the configurations are centralized. The commercial manager includes all the options of the ad manager, pages, catalogs and many more, so many that at first it can be a bit overwhelming but with practice you will notice that they are quite intuitive.

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