Facebook: Know Who Visits my Profile without being my Friend

Facebook has been, for many reasons and for a long time, one of the most used social networks worldwide. Not only for being a controversial platform, but also for hiding interesting functions.

There are many things that you probably did not know about Facebook and today you will discover an impressive one. You want to know who visits your profile on Facebook without being your friend?

If the answer has been yes, do not detach yourself from this article. Surely you have read about many pages and applications to find out. But, in reality, you will find the answer within the same social network. Here you will find everything you need to know what it is about.

Steps to know who visits your Facebook profile

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Among all the possible options, there is an alternative that enjoys a lot of security. Because you should not enter your data to any platform. You simply need to log into your Facebook account from your computer.

facebook web platform

Access the source code of the page

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Once in your Facebook profile, you must right click on the page and select the option «View source code«.
  4. Activate your browser’s search tool (Ctrl + F).
  5. Search for the word «friendlist”(All lowercase, do not include quotes).
  6. Press the «Enter» key to start the search.

Next, you will see a list of codes (for example: 0000000000-2). The first codes, generally, belong to the people who have visited or seen your profile. To find out who they are, you must:

  • Copy one of the codes.
  • Write in your browser https://www.facebook.com/
  • After the slash (/) paste the code you selected earlier.

Know the codes of your visitors

If you are curious to know who visits your profile, there is a completely truthful way to find out and best of all it is without downloading annoying applicationsYou just have to follow the following steps: First log into Facebook normally and enter your profile, once here you right click and choose ‘see source code’. Once this is done we press ‘Ctrl + F’.

When you do this, a search box will appear where we will type friendslist which would be ‘friends list’ and at press ‘enter’ we will see a series of codes in red that will end in ‘-2’, these belong to our contacts.

Paste the code and check who accessed your profile

The first codes that we will see once we have done the previous procedure are those of our contacts who visited the profile lately, when copying any code and paste it in the search bar In the browser we can see the last person who has visited our profile on Facebook.

How to know who sees my Facebook stories without being friends

As you probably know, Facebook has a section for «People you might know”. Generally, Facebook analyzes the contacts you interact with on other platforms it owns (Instagram or WhatsApp).

However, there is a very important detail that not all users know. And it is that, with a lot of security, several of the users that appear in this section have seen your profile.

Many might think that these people appear based on mutual friends they may have. And, in fact, you are not wrong to think about it. Nevertheless, is not the only reason they may appear. If a user has visited your profile, it will almost certainly appear in the mentioned section.

Social networks are usually characterized by two things. The first is that you can share different types of content with your friends and family. The second is that it is also very useful to meet and meet new people in your area.

Depending on how you use your profile, you will surely you will find that there are many people you do not know. However, they follow you or want to add you. Either not to miss out on the things you share or because they want to meet you.

Most likely, these people who are looking to add you to their Facebook, are users who have previously visited your profile. How do you know? Well, without knowing it, surely Facebook has left you some clue.

popular facebook notifications

The answer, right under your nose

Curiosity can eventually give you a hard time. When trying to figure out these kinds of details, there are tons of pages and applications. However, not all of them are reliable. So try to do your research so you don’t end up being a victim of phishing or identity theft. Your account could be in danger.

By providing the login data to your Facebook account, hacking your profile will be extremely simple. Check the reputation of the platform you are visiting before using it. Although, of course, it would be advisable not to use them. Less when Facebook gives you a great little clue of who sees your profile on Facebook without being your friend.

Do you know that person?

The address with the code will send you to the profile of the person who has visited your profile. This also works to detect the people you chat with the most … also to know which person is the one who likes your posts the most!

Take full advantage of these tricks and tools without supplying your data to pages with a suspicious reputation. Protect your Facebook account and discover who visits it!

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