FeedMe, a way to use Feedly offline on Android

Some time ago one of my best friends left, I’m talking about Google Reader. Since he’s gone I still haven’t found one alternative that gives me everything it offered me the Google service. We have tried to ask that they not close Google Reader but we have not reached an agreement, on July 1, 2013 Google closed the service.

It has been more than six months since the service has been gone and I have tried several alternatives, including Digg Reader, although it has not convinced me. The only one that can help me not to remember it so much is Feedly. This is the only alternative you can plug the google reader pothole. Thanks to Feedly (which has version Premium with the search box I need to find my feeds) I have been tackling the potholes.

I know there are many people who used newsrob and synchronized feed to read offline but today this option is not highly recommended. Feedly does not allow us to sync our feeds. Now, if we have the option to do it thanks to feed me. This option allows us to use Feedly offline on Android.

Is an application highly recommended for adding this feature to the best alternative to Google Reader. It stands out for its great speed and its functionalities. Many people recommend it even better than the official Fedly client itself. As a point against I would only highlight that it takes a while to sync (if we compare it with other Apps).

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feed me

At the time, an option was also launched that allowed us to take our Feed to Google + but it has not convinced users much because I have not heard of it again. If you usually use Feedly on your PC, here I recommend the most basic keyboard shortcuts to read your entire manager faster.

Although I’ve almost forgotten about Google Reader I still remember it at certain times, I don’t know why Google has closed a service that had so many users (well, some of us know why it has done it even though we don’t understand it) . However, FeedBurner refuses to die.

Download Feed Me | google play


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