FIFA 22: when does it come out, news in game modes and sale price

The quintessential sports saga of EA Sports returned to the market with a new season. When did this happen? The FIFA 22 It had its release date on October 1 last.

Despite not having great news compared to previous editions, in this new version of the famous game many functions have been optimized and extra content and star player rewards have been added. In this edition, FIFA 22 has arrived to forge a foundation on future consoles. Incredible true?


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Currently there are three versions of the game that vary according to the console in which it is used: one is for calls next generation consoles (PS5, Google Stadia and Xbox Series X/S); another version is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One; And finally, there is also a exclusive version for Nintendo Switch called FIFA 22 Legacy Edition that includes a content update.

FIFA 22 arrives recharged

According to the specifications given by Electronics Arts itself, this new edition of FIFA 22 has more than 4,000 exclusive animations. In addition, we must not ignore the incorporation of Hypermotion technology, which will allow much more realistic reactions and movements in the players. Notably, this technology will not only deliver an innovative gaming experience, but will also set a precedent for generations to come.

In turn, the version available for PS4, PC and Xbox looks more similar to last season in terms of camera focus and aesthetic planes of the players. Instead, the addition of artificial intelligence makes the version available for PS5, Xbox Series X (and Xbox Series S) and Google Stadia a first-rate experience.

FIFA 22 versions and prices

As we anticipated at the beginning, this edition of the saga has three different versions, in which the price varies according to the one you choose. For example, FIFA 22 Standard Edition It will be available for Playstation 5, Xbox Series, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. In this sense, it is worth noting that the version for PS4 and Xbox One has a value of $1,899; on the other hand, the one for PS5 and Xbox Series costs $1999.

Playstation 5

On the other hand, the FIFA 22 Legacy Edition It is an exclusive version for Nintendo Switch. Lastly, the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition It is available for game consoles and PC. One of the most characteristic features of FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition is that it will only be possible to acquire it in digital format.

FIFA 22: release date

There are still those who wonder when FIFA 22 comes out, so it is worth remembering that this game is on sale from October 1, 2021 with availability for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

Not a minor fact is that those who purchased the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition version obtained an EA Games user membership, which allowed them to access the game from September 27. A detail to keep in mind for future releases.

Without a doubt, FIFA wins over its players by implementing new details year after year. The most demanding gamers will have much to criticize, others will simply enjoy, but without a doubt the premiere of each new season does not go unnoticed.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know the improvements, prices and features of FIFA 22. It’s your turn to start experiencing the sport in an innovative way from the comfort of your home!



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