File with .KEY Extension: What is it and how to open this type of file on Mac?

A Key file is a program with a .key extension, which has been created to be decrypted or executed exclusively by MacOS (Macintosh OS), they have all the information required to show presentations, images, animations with slides, among others, this is constituted as the computer program known by the name of Keynote.

However, key is considered by multiple users as the opponent of the Power Point program, since both programs, in terms of their usefulness, are really very similar and provide the same functionalities to the user in the realization of worksheets.

Now, if you want to know a little more about this topic, in order to familiarize yourself with this type of file, you are on the right track, because here we will give you the best advice.

What is the function of a .KEY file?

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The function of a .key in created by Keynote is to contain all the code to show a presentation that can contain slides, shapes, tables, images, different multimedia files (Videos, music, MIDIS), as well as tables, shapes, or just text notes, including text with visual styles. We could say that the .key file is a container for a presentation with an undefined amount of multimedia information until we use the appropriate program to decrypt it.

Learn about the easy ways to view a .KEY file

It should be noted that despite the fact that the Key file was created to be decrypted or run by macOS, it does not mean that it cannot be viewed from other software, by converting the document you wish to view into the keynote-compatible format.

keynote isotype presentation

On windows

If we have a .key file on hand and we need to view it on a PC that only runs Windows as its operating system, we will have to make use of an online converter such as, which we will talk about later and execute a conversion to another format than our PC if it can openYou can choose between converting it to a Power Point file (.ppt) or a .pdf file to view it with your preferred PDF reader, this is a fairly practical solution to solve this problem.

Another method or technique where you can view your KEY worksheets It is through a computer that has iWork for iCloud, of course you are following certain procedures.

On Mac

If you have a Mac PC in your hands, which also has the very useful feature such as the DOCK, which gives you the interactive tool to add content to your work, delete recent applications and open .Key files, since these computers already have everything you need to carry out this process without the need to resort to tricks or additional tricks .

However, since Key is an ext.key that make up Keynote software, then the only thing that you will have to download on your pc, if you have not done it yet, is said computer program, where can you download it? In your official Apple store, then quickly continue with the following tips:

  • Search your Mac pc for the KEY document What do you want to unzip?
  • Click on this, you also have the option to pull as far as you have the Keynote figure app located. Executing these simple steps will allow you to look at the Key worksheets you want. Now, if what you want is to open a document that you have already done on your MAC, then:
  • Go to the keynote figure on your pc, click on it.
  • Choose where it says File, then in the menu you give «Open Recent»
  • Immediately this program will give you a scan of all those documents in which you have been working recently, you must select and open the one you want to view or modify.

keynote on mac

On your mobile

If you want to see the .key file from your Android phone then you can install the Keynote.apk App, go to the Google Play Store and type the word «Keynote», You will see several options of apps that will allow you to view files with a .key extension, install the one you like the most and once you do so then you can open the file you want to see through this app. Another option is to use an online format converter as we explained in the previous section where we explained how to view a .key file on the PC, you can convert it into a .pdf file and transfer that pdf to your mobile memory in order to do so be able to visualize it.

Use the Keynote program on Mac to open .KEY files

As we have already explained, Keynote is the program designed to create these .key files and therefore the most suitable and 100% compatible to edit them, It has all the necessary tools to create multimedia presentations from its more than 30 predesigned templates with which you can create figures, tables, photos, videos, in addition to applying transition effects between slides, it even has a plug-in called Keynote Live, which you can use to stream your .key presentations through

Difference between Key and Microsoft PPT

The main divergence that is worth mentioning is that Power Point comes from Windows and ext. Mac OS (Macintosh OS) Key, as mentioned above, from the Keynote suite of the well-known Apple 5.

The most popular ones to have as alternative online tools to open a .Key file are: Parallels Tools,, WinRAR,, and, AnyDV, among others.

Benefits of Keynote documents?

  • This type of document is used for different purposes, from student, lucrative, to personal.
  • Once the work is done on your devices, you can share it.
  • Another of its greatest benefits is that these slides that you have made, you have the advantage of exporting them to a different format such as; file extension HTML, PDF, PowerPoint. Among other.

keynote app devices

What formats can Keynote documents be saved in?

They can save them in the following formats:

  1. On iPad or iPhone: Images (.jpeg, .png), PowerPoint, PDF, etc.
  2. Mac; also in PowerPoint, PDF, GIF, HTML.
  3. iCloud: PDF, PowerPoint.

In summary, unzip a KEY document on MAC, it really is a really simple task, since this computer has everything you need to decrypt this type of Keynote file.

If you need to make a presentation or make videos in square format for Facebook and you have a Mac computer you can use keynote.

Try these online tools to open a .KEY file

We want to mention you some of the most popular online tools To convert or open .key files to other formats very easily, pay attention to this list.

On the site

The site is an online tool where you will be able to convert a wide variety of files with different formats of audio, video, documents, images and with a weight of up to 50 MB to other formats with just a couple of clicks, if you wish you can create an account and access advanced payment tools with which you can further expand the list of supported formats and even work with files larger than 50 MB if necessary for you.

In iCloud

The advantage of opening a .key file from a pc through iCloud is extremely easy, in addition to the fact that no additional software is required, it is not even necessary to install the iCloud software on your pc as you can do it perfectly from your website, you just have to log in to the platform and if you don’t have an account, you can create one on this page for free. Once you enter your access data, you will be taken to the iCloud home page and you will be able to see the “Keynote” application among the icons displayed, open that application and then in the upper right you can see the icon to upload a new file, press it and a pop-up window will open from where you must locate the .key file you want to view, navigate to the location where you have stored the file. key, select it and then click the «Open» button in the popup window.

online format converter

Then you must wait for the file to load and once it has been uploaded, you can open it by double clicking from the iCloud interface, wait for it to load completely, If you wish, you can view the file from iCloud or you can even redownload it to your PC in another compatible format With the software you have installed, you can usually convert it to .ppt to view it with Power Point or .pdf, whichever is more convenient for you.


A very easy and practical option is to use an online converter such as, which has more than 200 supported formats available to convert, they call themselves «The Swiss Army Knife for file conversion» And it is that in addition to supporting a good number of formats to convert, they have alliances with not a few software providers so that the conversions on their platform are of the highest quality that we can expect, they also have a payment format to expand the functions of the tool and also guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data that we deliver to the application without risk of our data falling into the hands of third parties.

On is an online file conversion platform that is very simple and practical to use, supports a good number of formats to convert, among them the .key which is the one that interests us the most in this case, and the best thing is that you do not need to create an account on their page, what if you can do, if you wish, is a donation to the website through PayPal if you want to support the project so that it continues to develop.


We also want to mention this powerful online format converter, is a free tool that has a wide variety of supported formats, including images, books, documents, audio, video, and files in general. If you want to contract one of their payment plans you can access to convert files up to 500 MB in weight, unlimited conversion minutes per day and with a maximum conversion time on the free use of the platform.

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