Find out WiFi password of a WLAN_XXXX or JAZZTEL_XXXX

Recently, find out the WiFi key of a Comtrend CT-5365 router from Movistar or Jazztel It’s child’s play.

wireless security found out the Pattern used by both operators to configure the keys WPA-PSK that the routers bring by default and with a simple online tool can be calculated by entering the network name and the access point MAC2 public data.

Linux Wifi

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The web has decided to publish its discovery (without the algorithm) by means of a online form in which you will enter both data and calculate the key.

If you are affected change the password of your router for a random one and you will be much more protected, unfortunately most users do not modify this password and they will be in the crosshairs of the classic Internet thieves.



Apparently, the online form has already been removed, but thanks to the IT Guru I just found out that these passwords can be guessed with 2 small little programs.




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