Fix battery problem by Media Server on Galaxy S5

A few days ago I started to notice excessive battery consumption on my Galaxy S5. Illusory of myself I didn’t give it too much importance and I began to think that perhaps I was using my mobile phone more than usual. When the days passed and with barely touching it for a few minutes the battery dropped in a beastly way I started researching the problem.

I examined the battery consumption of my terminal (although it is something that can happen in many others) and a process called Multimedia Server came into use and did not stop in any way. Only It stopped when I turned off the mobile and turned it on again. Then, with the use of the usual applications, it was activated again and did not stop until repeating the previous process.

I had a problem and I am going to tell you how I solved it, on the net I have seen many threads on this subject but I want to simplify the process and tell you what I did.

1. Clear garbage from terminal

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First of all I started doing a little cleaning, I downloaded the Clean Master application and started cleaning everything it offered me (don’t be afraid because it won’t delete anything necessary if you don’t use advanced mode). Later, I have gone to the gallery and I have deleted the cache and all the photos, how many were corrupt or with problems (Sometimes the cause can be a corrupt file that cannot be decrypted). I also deleted the .thumbails folder from the DCIM folder (the thumbnails of the photos), it will create itself again.

Second, I deleted the data and applications that I used the most (WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, etc.). All the applications that he used the most were removed to reinstall them from scratch and not have strange files (since they generate a lot of files that could cause problems). If you have applications that have to do with media content playback I would also remove them to try reinstalling them.

2. Check what the media server launches

Now it is the turn to shut down or restart the terminal. You have to turn it on and not open any application. Once everything has loaded (give it a few minutes) examine the battery consumption and see if the media server has worked but is stopped. Then, I have been opening application by application and checking which one launched it and which did not stop it (from opening the gallery to trying WhatsApp, with patience). In the case of detecting one that does you will have to erase it and delete all the files you find of it on the phone (Remember to close it before checking if the media server is still being used).

With this method I was able to identify the problem and solve it. In my case the error came from some WhatsApp multimedia files but I have also seen cases where Viber was the problem, the launcher was a problem or any type of application with an error. The point is to check what launches it and how it does it to eradicate the problem. It is a slow but safe method to avoid having to reset the terminal or return it to its factory state and risk the corrupted file remaining on the Android smartphone.

If you have doubts, use the comments, I hope to help you solve it. Now the battery of my Galaxy S5 goes back to last more than 2 days when before I could not bear the day for the damn multimedia server.


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