Fix: Keyboard media keys not working in Winamp

The multimedia keyboards they are a great option for people who use their PC for multitasking. These keyboards incorporate additional keys to the standard keyboard that serve to control our players, skip songs, stop playback or control the volume are some of the most basic.

I personally have a great library of music, we are talking about more than 20,000 titles, which I listen to while working in front of the PC. I have looked for programs to manage my collection, among my favorites have been iTunes, Mediamonkey, etc. but if there is one who does his job well and is Quick in his functions that is winamp.

It has been the king for a long time, but with the arrival of new formats and the migration to online content, its market share has been reduced. Still, in Nullsoft They continue to work and do a great job. One of the great virtues of Winamp is how easy it is to add plugin and expand your possibilities.

Some users have asked me why the multimedia keys on your new keyboard were not working in Winamp and after getting to work I have found a very simple solution. These keys are associated with Media player by default and to add the multimedia keys to Winamp we only have to install the following plugin: DIMIN HOTEYS.

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Once installed you can set up depending on the keys that your device has, it has a good amount of saved presets in which it will not be difficult to find a configuration for your device, if your keyboard is not in the list you can customize the keys yourself.


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