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Rust is a video game that has remained in the orbit of the best in its category for several years. There are many hours of fun guaranteed with it … as long as you don’t have problems.

This is practically impossible, since no game is exempt from presenting problems. So yes Rust does not start, is unresponsive, slow to load, or is stuck, you must know how to solve it.

And that’s exactly what this article is about. Rust has amazing characteristics that should be used to the maximum. So beat any inconvenience that may arise with these important tips.

But first you need to know what Rust is

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This video game developed by Facepunch Studios has been active since 2013 with limited access. It was not until the beginning of February that the developers made its worldwide launch official.

what is the objective of the game? Survive. For this you must use all the resources you find very well to overcome all calamities. Water, food and cloth are just some of the things you can find.

You can do almost anything you can imagine, such as making weapons to hunt or protect yourself from attacks by wild animals. You can also build bases, houses, etc.

survival game rust

Multiplatform availability

At the moment, Rust is a video game that only available for computers. If you want to download and install Rust, there are a few things to consider. One of those things has to do with the minimum or basic requirements for the game.

  • 64-bit operating system.
  • Windows 8.1 and later or OS X 10.11 onwards.
  • Intel Core i7 processor.
  • The game occupies a total of 20 GB on your hard drive.
  • 10 GB of RAM.
  • Have GTX 670 2GB or AMD R9 280 graphics.

It is important to note that Rust is obtained through the Steam platform. So it is also necessary to download it and create an account. That way, you will enjoy the wonders that Rust has in store for you.

And when does Rust come out for consoles? By 2020 Rust was expected to be available for both PS4 and Xbox One. However, the pandemic has had a negative influence on this. It is expected that, for this year, its availability will be announced.

How do you play?

Once you’ve downloaded and installed both Steam and Rust, what remains is to join a server. You can research which are the best Rust servers and join. Each server varies in a number of ways. Map size, rules, clans, among others.

It is also possible to collect weapons from other players. If these other characters have passed away (or are about to pass away), you will have the possibility to take what you need.

Rust does not start, is unresponsive, slow to load, or is stuck

As mentioned above, no game is without its problems. And one of the most frequent failures has to do with its start. Unfortunately, there are no official solutions from the Rust Support page.

What does exist in Rust Support is a series of recommendations that could help you solve some problems. Similarly, on the Steam website in Spanish, there are discussion forums with interesting recommendations.

So if Rust doesn’t start, isn’t responding, is slow to load, or is stuck, you can try the following:

  • Restart Steam: A solution as simple as it is effective. You just have to close Rust and then exit Steam. Whats Next? Easy, re-enter.
  • Update Steam: Not having the latest versions of Steam or Rust can cause problems. Go to the “Steam” section and select the option “Check for Steam client updates”.
  • Verify that the files are not damaged: While on Steam, place Rust on your list of games. Right click on it and select the «Properties» option. Go to «Local files» and then select «Verify the integrity of game files.»

solution rust problems

Keep enjoying Rust!

With these simple steps, you can keep playing Rust without problems. Hours of fun are guaranteed with this incredible video game. Share these important tips with your friends!

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