Fix Unexpected Closure of Autocad / Autocad Application has Stopped Working

When we work with drawings, plans, among others; We always look for the best program to help us with this, the most popular is AutoCad, it is very useful and easy to use, but like all of them it can fail, at times it presents errors or so-called unexpected closings. Some are corrected by returning to the previous configuration, or activating the automatic save to work from the last point where we were

When this happens to us we ask ourselves: Why does this error occur? What causes it? In this article we will answer these questions and most importantly we will learn to solve the unexpected closure of our application in order not to lose our valuable information. It may also help you solve the problem, open the file in another format, such as dxf, a topic that we already talked about in our blog

What could be causing AutoCad to crash?

As we already know, AutoCad is a program that consumes considerable resources of our computer, so we can have some error in the configuration that can cause us inconveniences, there are several causes why our AutoCad can fail, here we will see what they are.

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The most frequent failure is that our graphics card may be incorrectly configured, it can also be caused by a specific drawing or that our file has a problem, also something that can cause these failures is that our graphics card is outdated or that our team does not comply with the minimum hardware requirements.

The latter are not very common, so when learn how to configure our graphics card we will have already solved our problem.

How to fix the unexpected shutdown of AutoCad?

As we have already seen There are many reasons for which our AutoCad closes, but the most common and is the main cause of the failure is the bad configuration of our graphics card, what can we do in this situation?

First we must do is go to the AutoCad program and right click on it, a window will appear and we go to where it says «properties», it will send us to another window with several options, we go directly to where it says » direct access «, there we will see several items we go to the first one that says» destination «we click and leave everything as it is we go to the end, we make a space and in capital letters we write «/ NOHARDWARE».

This will help us to configure our graphics card and AutoCad does not close unexpectedly, then we click to apply and accept, it will automatically close and a confirmation window may appear or indicating that we must restart the computer we give it ok, then we proceed to restart the computer, and our problem will be solved.

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But what to do if when it closes us unexpectedly our file is damagedWhat we do is go to our AutoCad folder, and we always look for the file for safety, he will create a copy in which we get the name of it in “bak” format.

We select it and change its name, we remove the format «bak» and we change it to «dwg» We give «enter», a window will appear to confirm if we want to make the change, we click «yes» and that’s it.

We should to be able to see our drawingOf course, the information that will appear depends on how we have our automatic save configuration, so we recommend going to the «configuration», click on «open and save» and activate the «automatic saving» option.

We place the time that we want to pass between copy and copy, the time that can be greater or lesser it depends on each user, This is very useful in case something unexpected happens, it is advisable to use a minimum of 10min, otherwise the AutoCad may be slow and it will take you more time to make the drawing, once it is ready we accept it and our configuration would be ready.

It also saves you a lot of time doing the plans on the same sheet, so that you don’t have so many separate 2d or 3d files.

As we saw it’s very easy to solve the unexpected closure of our AutoCad, the important thing is to constantly save our information since that way we can also recover it, we hope we can have helped you, if the information worked, share it with your friends.

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