Flashlight for Samsung Mobile Where is it and which is better?

Today we can find a wide variety of existing applications for our Smartphones; These applications can have different functions depending on the purpose for which they were developed. In this way it is possible to find applications for entertainment and education, as well as a section of applications that they work as tools for the benefit of the user, as scientific calculator applications or even for document editing.

On the other hand, among this series of applications, one stands out, which consists of a fairly important and widely used tool: the flashlight or flash of the phone. An accessory that is normally integrated by default in the hardware system of Android smart devices and therefore exists in most mobile phones.

However, despite being a tool, whose function is essential in certain scenarios, currently there are still a certain number of mobile devices that they don’t have a flashlight or flash integrated into their systems.

This function is really necessary, since it is a light emitted by the phone that we can use in various situations. Therefore, we will show you how to access the flashlight application on your mobile Samsung and how to integrate an excellent tool of this type in case your phone does not have the flashlight application.

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Where is the flashlight on my Samsung cell phone?

Most Android mobile devices from the well-known Samsung brand already have a built-in flashlight function on their systems and give the user quick access to this feature so they can seamlessly use the feature when needed.

Generally, the application that allows you to use the flash of the cell phone as a flashlight is located in the notification bar or the status bar of your Samsung device. Therefore, to use the flashlight you just have to slide the notification bar and locate the flashlight option.

If the function does not appear in the quick access list, you will need to select the arrow icon displayed in this bar to access other available shortcuts. There then, you can select
click the flashlight icon to turn it on or off on your Samsung.

How to change the flashlight of my Samsung

The main reason why a user wants to change the flashlight that was originally built into the device; it is because it has stopped working properly. So to rule out that it is not a device problem of the phone flash and that it is indeed a failure of the flashlight application, you can take a picture with the flash activated to check that it works.

In case the flash actually performs its normal function, the best option is install a new flashlight app for your Samsung device. Most of these applications have a very practical and modern design that allows to use their functions quite easily.

To achieve this, all you have to do is log into your Google account and access the Play Store to check the different options available to you. Also, you can check the list of recommendations with best flashlight apps for Samsung devices that we will show you later.

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How to make my flashlight shine more

One of the features that users are generally unaware of is the ability to set the light intensity that emits the flash of the device while it is used as a flashlight. To make your Samsung flashlight shine brighter; You must access the quick settings of your device by sliding down the notification bar.

After this, once you have located the access to the device’s flashlight, you will have to press and hold the flashlight icon for a few seconds until you access its configuration window. There, you will notice that there is a bar to adjust the brightness that you can adjust according to your specific intensity preferences.

Finally, when you have suitable intensity of flash brightness of your Samsung device, the settings will automatically be saved. So when you turn on the flashlight again you will check that it lights up as much as you previously established.

Best Flashlight Apps for Mobile

Have a third-party application that allows take advantage of the flash of the mobile device as a flashlight it is extremely useful, especially in scenarios where there is not access to enough light and it is necessary to find an object, to mention an example.

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Since some Samsung models do not have a flashlight function built into their functions, or the same could have stopped working unexpectedlyNext, we will show you the best applications that allow you to use the device’s flash as a flashlight. To access any of the following options, it will be enough that you have the latest version of the official Google Play Store.

LexaUA Universe LED Flashlight: it is one of the best alternatives to integrate the flashlight tool to your device. The Universe LED Flashlight app has simple controls, since it allows you to change the intensity of illumination that the flash light will have with the simple press of a button.

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Using the application is extremely simple. Once you have downloaded the Universe LED Flashlight from the Play Store on your device, you will only have to access it. Either from the application menu of your phone or, in case of not finding it, you can enter its name from the application search panel Of the device.

When you find it, press on it to open it and get access to the flashlight functions. Inside the application, a gray screen will appear with a power button in the middle; To turn on the flashlight you will have to press on this button so that you can start lighting with the flashlight or flash of your device. If you want to change the intensity of light that has this same you can move the upper indicator.

In addition, this application allows use the device screen as a flashlight for occasions when it is unwise to use the device’s flash.

Flashlight– This is one of the simplest and most comprehensive flashlight apps available for Android devices. This application, in addition to having the function of using the flash as a flashlight when required, includes the possibility of use the device screen as a flashlight. A feature that is ideal when the phone’s flash is damaged.

Once the Flashlight application is downloaded, you will be able to enjoy these functions, in addition to the fact that the application has the possibility of access it from the notification bar of the telephone.

Flashlight Free Flashlight– Flashlight Free flashlight is one of the most efficient and popular flashlight apps. It is an application free and ad-free, in addition to occupying a minimum amount of storage space, being quite light.

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The Flashlight Free flashlight application has quite a simple functionality; since it only includes a button that allows you to turn on and off the mobile flash when it is necessary to use it as a flashlight. So it constitutes a great alternative to flashlight function in case your Samsung device does not have it integrated into its functions.

Flashlight Classic: this application integrates to your device the advantages of using its flash as a powerful flashlight by only accepting the necessary requirements of the application that contains the description and information for be able to install it without problems.

The Flashlight Classic lantern in addition to having the traditional function that allows turn it on and off at will, includes other options like a timer and the ability to function even while the device is locked.

Icon Torch– This is the simplest flashlight app available for Android. Icon Torch does not have an interaction interface with the user, but the way to turn on or turn off the device’s flashlight using this application consists of tap the Icon Torch icon on the phone.

LED Color Flashlight: this flashlight application has functions to use the phone’s flash or its screen as a flashlight with the light intensity that the user wants.

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On the other hand, the characteristic that makes the LED Color Flashlight an application different from the others; is the ability to change the color tone of the device screen. So you can enjoy a flashlight of the color you prefer on your cell phone by installing the Led Color Flashlight application on your device.

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