Fotor: An Awesome Online Photo Editor

On the web we find many online editors but the truth is that many of us do not manage to find ourselves if we do not have our long-awaited offline editor at hand. Now, there are times when an offline editor is not possible or is not even necessary. Thanks to apps like Fotor, a online publisher that has impressed us, we will not miss an advanced or professional program that, many times, we do not know how to use.

Sometimes we just need a quick and simple, professional and smooth editing. In that case, nothing better than Fotor, an online editor that allows us to do various things, including edit, make collage or design our own covers with letters. It is very interesting to see each of the 3 tabs that allows us to do different things. In addition to this we can also add effects.

photor 2

Fotor, a very versatile online editor

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If we start exploring Fotor and enter the different tabs, we discover several things:

  • The editing option: A very versatile photo editor that allows us to crop, change the tones, modify the curves, change the color, add interesting effects such as HDR and more.
  • The tab for effects – In it we will find a lot of styles to apply to the images, it is very interesting to try the different effects and see how our photo changes color.
  • The collage tab – We can make montages in a thousand different ways, with our photos or even with the photos that the editor itself incorporates, we are going to have a great time.
  • Design – A tab that will not leave us indifferent, you can create our own photos with texts or the typical covers for Facebook, the classic images with phrases that will not leave us indifferent, etc. It is all very attractive visually and with flawless operation. We will even find photo frames, there is no waste.

photor 3

Of course, we love that there is an online photo editor and even more so if they are like Fotor that allows us to do many things, in a simple way, and from one place. Fotor is the best online editor we have found and it is also completely free in most options, of course we would not hesitate to try it and give it a try, users may forget about offline editors with it.


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